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Family owned and operated, Signs & Screen-Printing services in Buillitt County

Joe Bohannon and his wife Stacena started A Plus Signs in 2001. With an initial investment of $5,000, the business began in a small room at his parents’ house that served as an office. We started this business by making and selling “God Bless America” stickers for $3 each. Thanks to a personal hobby, we knew a few business owners, and those people chose to do business with A Plus. We wouldn’t have made it without them, and most of them are still customers today. We tried different places to run our business and had our share of ups and downs, but in 2013 we moved to our current location. A Plus Signs and Screen Printing llc is in a 2500 sqft building in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and we are thinking about adding on. We now have 3 full-time workers and a few seasonal workers who help us out when they can. Even now, we are still growing, and we can’t wait to serve you tomorrow!

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At its core, excellence is about meeting the highest standards in whatever you do. Going beyond excellence means recognizing everyone’s strengths, understanding where improvements can be made, and continually striving to become even better than before. 

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Joe & Stacena Bohannon & Family


headshot of Michael Coop

Michael Coop

Sign and DTF Production

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Brianna Stice

Designer / CSR Specialist

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Mandy Jackson

Designer / CSR Specialist

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Jonathan York

Screen Print Specialist

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Mark Thomas

Inventory / Screen Print Specialist